Nuvision High School offers IGCSE which is the world’s most popular international curriculum examined by Cambridge Assessment International

Age target

IGCSE program is for students of 15 to 17 years of age who have completed the Foundation course or Grade 8 and 9.

Program recognition

The IGCSE is recognized by leading universities, institutes of higher education and employers worldwide.

Conducive environment

Students seeking academic excellence and Christ-centered education that nurtures the development of the whole person will appreciate Nuvision High school philosophy and school environment.

As a school

We ensure that teaching of this program is learner-centred and encourages enquiry-based approaches to learning.

Skills developed

At Nuvision we develop learners’ skills in creative thinking, leadership, enquiry and problem solving, communicating in English thus giving learners excellent preparation for the next stage in their education.

Learners’ support

Our actively involved administration, highly dedicated and qualified staff are committed to providing quality, individualized instruction in a nurturing Christ-filled environment.  IGCSE is a flexible and stimulating curriculum, supported with excellent resources and training.


Learners in this level choose between 7 and 9 subjects and spend two years preparing for an internationally recognized school leaving qualification. See below for Cambridge IGCSE subject/syllabus choices

1 English as a second Language 0511
2 Mathematics 0580
3 Biology 0610
4 Chemistry/Sociology 0620/0495
5 Physics/History 0625/0470
6 Computer Science/Literature in English/French 0478/0486/0520
7 Geography 0460
8 Business Studies 0450
9 Economics 0455