Sparrow Parents' School

Educating the whole person


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Sparrow Parents' School

SPS (Sparrow Parents’s School); a Cambridge International Primary School invites you to join us for a successful academic journey.

  • Sparrow Parents' School offers a Cambridge International Primary education that gives student the skills they need for life and their academic journey, in a christian environment.
  • Sparrow Parents' School uses a curriculum that sets a global standard for education, with programs that stretch, challenge and inspire our students.
  • Our teachers' attributes inspire a love of learning in our students
  • We have a conductive learning environment

Our Program Goals


  Solid foundation in math, reading,
Writing and science
Self-motivation and organization skills
Knowledge and insight about the world


  Kindness and courtesy towards others
  Awareness of the needs of others, thankfulness for our blessings
  Fairness and honesty


  Knowledge of key bible stories and christian beliefs
  Personal habits of prayer, worship and devotion
  Ability to integrate faith into all areas of life


  An active and healthy lifestyle
  Enjoyment of a wide range of sports and games
  Willingness to be challenged and to try new things

Nursery Section

Program strength

Both our French and English nursery sections have carefully planned activities that provide an opportunity for personal, social, and emotional development, communication, language and literacy, problem solving, reasoning and numeracy, knowledge and understanding of the world, creative and physical development, experimentation and role playing.

All our classrooms are bright and well equipped.

The teachers at sparrow Parents’ School are wonderful! They are knowledgeable, trained and approved by Cambridge International, nurturing and supportive to both parents and students.

Sparrow Parents' School


Grade 1-6

Program Strength

our Cambridge International Primary emphasizes on a solid foundation in academic subjects like English,Mathematics, Science, French and Computer.

Academic progress monitored with Cambridge International Standards.

Teachers are trained and approved by Cambridge International.

Students are involved in sports activities that include Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Athletics, Music and Piano instructions. 

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