The Career Counseling office at Nu-Vision high school focuses primarily on student life both now and in the future.

  • Students are guided to make informed choices as far as career choices and subject selection are concerned. We also ensure students choose a combination that suits their ability, interest, personality and aspired career. When the students gets to Advanced level, they are guided on college readiness and university application. Those with a desire and potential to study abroad are identified, advised accordingly, and helped through the application process.
  • Additionally, career office facilitates and makes sure students get space to participate in club activities and community services. We have more than 25 functional clubs run entirely by students at Nu-Vision high school. Furthermore, the career office also seeks to instill in students good leadership skills through guidance and practical opportunities to serve as prefects, church officers, volunteers, room leaders, table leaders and other avenues.
  • The Career Counseling office runs a student-driven Tutorial program where students who are academically talented, volunteer to coach and assist those who are struggling during their free time.
  • All these initiatives are meant to train our students to become whole-rounded, critical thinkers, and problem solvers.

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